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Introduction to Encaustics

Dating back to the Fayum portraitures of Egypt, encaustics is a beautiful unpredictable medium that is both forgiving and surprisingly exquisite.

During this 5 week Introduction to Encaustics art workshop, you will learn about the history of encaustics, and how to work with the wax medium in a variety of ways – from a painterly fashion to one that embraces the encaustics organic nature creating texture and unpredictable movement.

We will work on unusual substrates such as metal and transparent plastic, working directly onto wooden panels as well as learning how to create encaustic monoprints. You will come away from this art workshop knowing how to continue expressing yourself through the art of encaustics and how to set up a studio space to support your encaustic art practice.

Will there be any personal development in this program to accompany the encaustic art lessons? You bet…!

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